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A collection of small artists' books
dedicated to experimental, concrete and visual poetry,
or any work combining text and visual arts
in the spirit of dada or fluxus.

Cecil Touchon
"Reduced to Silence"

Visual poetry / Collages of cut pieces of posters.
A6 format - 4o pages - laser printing.
Thread and quarter cloth binding
March 2011
price: 15 euro / 20 US $ / 13 UK Sterling

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        Cecil Touchon born February 7, 1956 Austin, Texas USA - touchon.com.
        Touchon is widely known as a master of collage art, a painter and visual poet
        through his work with cut up text. Touchon is co-founder and director of the
        International Post-Dogmatist Group and the founder and director of the
        Ontological Museum and its wings, The International Museum of Collage,
        Assemblage and Construction, The Archives of the Eternal Network,
        The Fluxmuseum and the Museum of Snapshot Photography and the Museum's
        publishing arm Ontological Museum Publications. See ontologicalmuseum.org.

        An active internet organizer with a strong interest in bringing together and
        working with international communities of artists, Touchon is a member of the
        Massurralist Society and The International Union of Mail Artists and founder
        of The International Society of Assemblage and Collage Artists, the Cut and
        Paste Poets and the Fluxnexus, a contemporary Fluxus group.
        Touchon is also the founder of Fluxus Laboratories and Fluxus Institute.

        Works or publications by Touchon can be found in the following public collections:
        MOMA New York, MOMA Library, New York, Emily Harvey Foundation, New York,
        Mela Foundation, New York, Studio One, New York, Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript
        Library, Yale University, New Haven, Conn., Fogg Museum of Art Archive, Cambridge,
        Mass., Los Angeles County Museum of Art Research Library, Los Angeles, Ca, The Getty
        Research Institute Los Angeles, Ca, Modern Realism, San Francisco, Ca, Chicago Art
        Institute Chicago, Il.,Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Il. Joan Flasch Artist
        Book Collection, School of the Art Institute, Chicago, Il., Saint Louis Art Museum,
        Library, Saint Louis, Mo, Iowa State University, Fluxus Collection Ames, IA, ATCA
        Special Collections, Iowa State University, Iowa City, Iowa, Avant Writing Collection,
        Rare Books & Manuscripts Library at Ohio State University, Ohio State University
        Libraries, Rare Books and Manuscript Libraries, Columbus, Ohio, Sackner Archive of
        Concrete and Visual Poetry, Miami, Fl, Ontological Museum, Fluxus Collections, Fort Worth,
        Texas, Longview Museum and Art Center Longview, Texas, Walker Art Center,
        Minneapolis, Mn, The Tate Modern London, UK, Tate Britain (Archive), London, UK,
        Museum Fluxus + Potsdam, Germany,Artpool Art Research Center, Budapest, Hungary,
        TAM Archive, Breda, Netherlands, Szuka Fabryka Archive, Tielrode, Belgium,
        Knud Pedersen Archive, Copenhagen, Denmark, E.O.N. Archive, Viareggio, Italy,
        Archivo Francesco Conz, Verona Italy,Sellem Archive of Experimental amd Marginal Art, Lund,
        The Museu Brasileiro da Escultura in Sao Paulo, Brasil

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